Efficient monitoring of children.

Detailed reports : activities with pictures, naps, meals without forgetting hygiene. Kidola ensures that what happens at the nursery doesn't stay at the nursery.

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What's the game changer?

Saving time and improving children's follow up

Daily transmissions

The child's day at your fingertips. Everything that happens during the day is saved with one tap and parents get a report every day.


Access timesheets, meals and more. Export this data at the right format to facilitate invoicing. Forget spending hours checking piles of sheets. With Kidola it's simple and efficient

Eco friendly

No more entire libraries of binders stored in the basement, the attic and in your office. Stop printing daily reports, menus and schedules. Everything can be done in our app. It's as simple as it gets.

Team Schedule
(coming soon)

Kidola makes smart suggestions for the team's weekly schedules based on the children's actual attendance. Why keep things complicated?

❤️️ Woow, tell me more!

Easy to apprehend

Digitizing your nursery is a team project (and success). Our app needs to be adopted on all levels. So we designed Kidola to be simple and intuitive.

No need to book full days of training. A 30 minutes explanation is more than enough. We can come in and train your staff (or over video conference). It's all included in the plan. Ask for a demo and see for yourself.

Information intake

Here we take notes of poops, diapers, activities... well everything that really matters!

Each at his own pace

As an educator, I access the list of children I'll be taking care of today. I can add new information for one children at a time, or for tailored groups based on the needs.

Your nursery, your reports

All the data is processed, organized and lands here to help you. Plan your budget and identify opportunities to optimize your operations. We're talking about numbers without forgetting the real goal: the well-being of children.

Reassured parents

Parents get daily reports offering an overview of the day. They can always access it later on their dedicated and secured portal.

Pictures are just extras.

Crèche Coccinella
Crèche Près en Bulles
Crèche kidsland
Crèche ile aux trésors
Crèche Coccinelle

They joined us in this adventure

... And a plan
with no bad suprises

No limitations in terms of users, children. We offer free updates and technical support.

Kidola is all inclusive. Still hesitating? Go for the demo and the free trial. Kidola has nothing to hide!

Your nursery and groups
  • One month free trial

  • Easy invoicing

  • 24/7 Support

  • Free onboarding trainings