My ... management made easy

Save time for what really matters with Kidola. You enjoy filling Excel sheets, invoices, CSA reports, ... run around to confirm information ? No? You're not the only one. Fortunately Kidola do it for you !

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Save time

More time means more smiles and songs! Kidola is the perfect solution to manage my day-care at my finger tips.

  1. Communication with families

    Every important event of the day is saved. A wonderful smile to share, or information to pass along? Parents and my team have access to the kids' daily reports.

    Communication with families
  2. Access tailored reports

    Save time. Kidola fills out all of my reports (daily, monthly, yearly)... Everything I need is available: presence reports, parents contact details, ... you name it.

    Access tailored reports
  3. I Manage my schedule

    Sick children, delayed week off or children coming for an extra day. It can be hard to keep up. My centralized schedule gives me a clear overview. No more Post-its or messy paper schedules.

    I Manage my schedule

Easy to use (according to educators)

That's the point! My team saves time on the note taking. It's not adding on the list of existing tasks while highlighting all the work my team puts into the activities and everything going on, on a daily basis.

Choose the right plan for your needs

How many children do I have on a daily basis? What features are you looking for? I Choose the plan that suits you.

  • Start

    • Less than 15 children
    • Children time-sheets
    • Educators accounts
    • Parents accounts
    • Pictures sharing
    • GDPR
    • Email support
    • ...
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  • Pro

    • Unlimited accounts
    • Unlimited storage
    • Administrative reportings
    • Document management
    • Children schedule
    • Invoicing
    • Phone support
    • ...
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  • Premium

    • Registration management
    • Parent forms
    • Supervisors accounts
    • Video sharing
    • Team Schedule
    • ...
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You manage several structures? Contact us to get a tailored quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best thing to do is to call us. We're happy to answer any question. Our team is here for you, just call +352 20 60 05 69 03

  • Before we get into details, we'll need to learn a bit more about yourself. How many children do you have in how many structures?

  • We'll be super sad to see you go. Just send us an email and that's done by the end of the month. You can download all your data and we'll wish you best of luck. Kidola is a true "no committment" plan.

  • Congrats! How many? We can work on a special offer tailored on your organization. Let's meet up !

  • It's easy: All you need is a few devices (phones or tablets) connected to your wifi. We'll take care of the rest. We'll train your team to use Kidola (no big deal) based on your availabilities.

  • Kidola has ben designed for an easy day to day usage. The app works on phones, tablets and computers. No need to invest in thousand dollars equipment. We do advice one tablet per group (It looks more professional). Kidola requires an internet connection, wether its with a cable or through wifi. 

They trust us

Intuitive, user friendly, Kidola makes it easy to take notes and to communicate with parents. My team used to complain that reporting was taking too much time. Now they do it easily with Kidola. The fact that that parents really enjoy Kidola makes it even more worth it to use it. The team was really surprised by the parents' positive feedback.

Maria Castrovinci Coccinella Day-care
Still not convinced?

A Team at your disposal

Who are these weirdos? It's the team behind Kidola. The one calling  you to introduce ourselves, the one developing the app or the one answering the phone when you have questions.

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